About Cat5 Resources
Based in Southeast Texas, Cat5 Resources is a small business diversified supplier of technical and operational services across the Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, Northeast, Puerto Rico, and United States Virgin Islands.

Our Mission:

To exceed customer expectations by providing high quality services to ensure the integrity of the nation’s critical infrastructures.

what guides us:

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Driving value means doing things different than others and partnering with customers to put their needs ahead of our own. The Cat5 "People Process" ensures we have the right people in the right jobs and that our organization is aligned and in sync.

Our Story:

In 2004 when Hurricane Charley devastated Florida, the Cat5 Resources team was called upon by a long-term telecom client who found themselves left with no fuel to support their network restoration efforts. The team responded immediately with a fleet of generators and emergency fuel, supporting the client’s critical infrastructure throughout the event. Since that time, Cat5 has responded to every natural disaster to hit the United States.

Over the last 12 years, the Cat5 Resources team has continued to deliver exceptional customer service to clients nationwide. Since inception, Cat5 Resources has expanded to not only offer Disaster Recovery Services, but Operations and Maintenance, Civil, Electrical, and Construction, Transportation and Logistics, and Tower and Installation Services.

10 Essential Behaviors Of Cat5 Leaders:

1. Integrity - Doing what is right, even when no one is looking
2. Knowledgeable - Knowing our people and our business
3. Realist - Insisting on realism
4. Goal Oriented - Setting clear goals and following through
5. Appreciative - Rewarding our Do'ers
6. Growth - Expanding our people’s capabilities
7. Self-Aware - Knowing ourselves and thinking critically
8. Energetic/Enthusiastic - Remaining energetic and enthusiastic for execution and passionate for results
9. Motivated - Demanding the best of our people
10. Accountable - Holding our people accountable

Meet The Cat5 Team