2017: What To Expect In The Caribbean's Telecommunications Industry

2017: What To Expect In The Caribbean’s Telecommunications Industry

Back sixteen years ago when I started in the Telecommunications Industry, I would have never imagined the vast amount of technological and innovative growth that the Telecom Industry has endured on a global level. With that said, it sure has been an ever-changing and fast paced journey and the Puerto Rico and Caribbean Region has not only kept pace, these areas are driving it.

Telecom In Puerto Rico And The Caribbean

During the past four years, the Puerto Rico Government has entered into an economic meltdown, however the private sector, has remained healthy and solid, generating an average of 28 billion dollars on a yearly basis.

The Power Authority of Puerto Rico, known as AEE, is under the administrative umbrella of the government, so its financial instability tends to regulate poor maintenance in its electrical infrastructure.

Puerto Rico has a population of 3.5 million, however, the system cannot hold enough substantial energy to meet this demand for residents and commerce, as clearly revealed by the 1.5 million that lost power for 12 hours or more in Sepetember 2016, while the Telecom Industry was working without any lag. This is why there is such a high demand for reliable back up power sources.

Though the government and the AEE have been in a downfall, the Telecommunications Industry has remained reliable and profitable, thanks to the experienced industry professionals maintaining and keeping these networks running.

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